Find Flash fill or Fast Fill Here

Find Flash fill or Fast Fill Here

Check out our concrete mix solutions in Johnstown, Fort Collins, CO

You need different concrete mixes to meet your project needs. Whether you’re looking for a durable mix or a self-leveling solution, SonFill LLC can help. We provide several kinds of concrete mixes, including:

  • Fast fill—Fast to install, improves worker safety and affordable
  • Flash fill—Self-leveling, non-toxic, readily excavated and low-cost material
  • Product mix design—Choose from Typical-Mix, C-Mix, Strong Mix and Fast Fill

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For all our mixes, we can add more water if you'd like a more violable product. We can also add more fly ash to strengthen the concrete mix. Call SonFill LLC at 970-441-0242 to order flash fill or fast fill in Johnstown, Fort Collins, CO.

We'll help you choose the concrete mix that's best for you in Johnstown, Fort Collins, CO

Our concrete providers can help you select the perfect solution for your mining project. Call SonFill at 970-441-0242 today to speak with a concrete mix expert.